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🧸🧸Koseklubb🧸🧸 is back at Storgata 26 with a full takeover, both upstairs and downstairs🚀We will throw a party you won’t forget. Now joining is also OCDC, Norways most sexy "dansband"!😇🪐
🧸 Oslo most cozy club consept
🎡2 scenes
🎧Different genres of electronic music
✨Fairy table
🏰Pillow room
🧸🎈Huge selection of teddy bears and balloons
😇😇😇And much much more...!

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🚀Ticket sales start: March 11th🚀

🩷Early bird limited tickets 11.03-17.03: 150

💛Pre-sale tickets, until the day of the event: 200

🩵Ticket door: 250

🤩Doors open: 21.00

😢Doors close: 03.00

👶🏼ID: 20

You can expect colourful, creative installations and fun🌈🌈🌈Our aim is to create a bridge between the nostalgic and childish into our everyday serious and responsible daily life. We have our pillow room with teddy bears🧸 that gives an opportunity to take a break between the beats on the dance floor. We also urge you to check out our ✨Fairy Table✨ where you can get free glitter and accessories to express yourself even further. There will also be other cool stuff to experience at our party, remember to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date (@koseklubb)💘

🩵💛Dress code at Koseklubb: we want a colourful crowd, reminiscent of childhood, teddy bears, fur, that brings out your most cuddly and playful side. But come as you are, we love you anyway!

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the electrifying beats of some of Norway’s finest DJs! Our night will be filled with a broad range of electronic music, from techno to trance. As the night progresses, the intensity and BPM will increase, making it impossible for you to resist the urge to dance. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes and get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm of the night! 🎶💃


❤️‍🔥Big Dick Bandido❤️‍🔥

Rising star in the Techno Elite in Oslo in the heart of Oslo’s pulsating techno scene, there emerges a name that has rapidly climbed the ranks to become a formidable force in the Norwegian electronic music sphere. Meet Big Dick Bandido, the enigmatic DJ whose meteoric rise to the techno elite in just two short years has left the city’s nightlife ablaze. Big Dick Bandido’s performances have become legendary, marked by his electrifying stage presence and a palpable connection with the crowd. His sets take the audience on a journey through the darkest corners of techno to the euphoric & melancholic vibes induced by the likes of trance & tiny dance, evoking emotions and sensations rarely experienced on the dancefloor.

🏰🪐Alex Montana B2B Salvador Pablo🏰🪐, the fresh and dynamic duo from Chile, is set to conquer the dance scene in Norway. Anticipate cheerful melodies, lively rhythms, and recognizable vocals from both the past and present, leaving you euphoric and wanting more! You will experience genres such as house, electro, hyper techno, euro dance and trance.

🐱🐱Partykatten🐱🐱 has been in the techno scene for many years, with club concepts and great engagement in the environment. He loves most electronic music that has a melodic sound that awakens good feelings in the people around him.


🤩OCDC!🤩Norways hottest danceband!
Oslo City Dance Crew is a vibrant ensemble from the heart of Oslo's nightlife, known for their electrifying House beats and distinctive matching tracksuits. Comprising Andy Anaconda, Frank Lotion, Johnny Snack, and Tom Deville, the crew blends their techno roots with the playful spirit of House music to create a sound that's both fun and danceable. Dubbing themselves a modern-day dance band, they're on a mission to infuse the dance scene with their unique vibe. With the launch of Tracksuit Records, OC/DC aims to pioneer a global dance revolution, making every track a testament to their collective dream of uniting people on the dance floor.


ID: 20


Tickets are non-refundable